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Factory Tour
Photo of our Salesman and Customer

Each of our customers who has visited our factory speaks highly of our office environment and production environment, and most of customers directly place purchasing orders in the factory. However, for those who can not come to our factory, how do they get a better understanding on our company and personal protective gears?

It is not a big deal. Online factory tour can also make you feel like visiting on site. Now, please follow our South African customer-Christo to have an excellent online tour over our factory.

Christo gave high praise to our factory greening and office environment.

In our manufacturing workshops and warehouses, Christo saw the manufacturing and packaging processes of our safety products, and expressed high confidence on our strength and products.

Earplugs and Earmuffs Manufacturing

Safety Glasses & Goggles Manufacturing

  • Injection Molding Workshop: Workers are sorting glass frames
  • Lenses Injection Molding Workshop: Lenses are put on shelf after initial test
  • Lenses to be washed

  • Lenses washing
  • Lenses strengthening
  • Lenses antifogging
  • Washing the strengthened and anti-fog lenses
  • Strict quality test to lenses before assembly
  • Frame assembly


  • Packaging Material Warehouse
  • Raw Material Warehouse
  • Finished Products Warehouse