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By Protection Function

J&Y's BDS brand safety products can be classified into two types according to protection functions, namely hearing protection and eye protection. Each type of these personal safety devices delivers the optimum protection and the ideal fit.

Hearing Protection

Hearing Protection
You need to wear hearing protectors in all workplaces where noises have potential damage to your hearing. Here at BDS, we recommend two types of hearing protection products, i.e. earplugs and earmuffs which specially designed to combine practicality and comfort, providing perfect hearing protection as well as comfortable fit.

BDS offers a diversity of earplugs which can meet individual requirements of customers in shape and material for noise reduction level and comfort. According to customer's needs, our noise reduction ear plugs can be made with cords or without cords. In addition, we offer earplug packing box for ease of carrying.

BDS provides a selection of foldable earmuffs and helmet mounted earmuffs which are designed to fit customers' ears and thereby offer the comfortable ear protection. ABS housing and well sealed synthetic foam lining can protect your ear from high noise.

Eye Protection

Here at BDS, we offer a large variety of safety glasses and goggles for eye protection in both living and working applications. Our eye protection equipment ideally integrates fashion and practicality, providing stylish appearance and perfect protection from various risks to eyes. Lenses of our protective eyewear come with a super strong anti-scratch coating which can effectively reduce scratching. In addition, our safety spectacles are ergonomically designed to fit the face shape and facial bone of people in different regions.

Advantages of BDS Safety Glasses
Protection in Living
1. Anti UV
2. Anti Glare
3. Anti Radiation
3. Anti Wind

Protection in Working
1. Impact resistant
2. Anti UV
3. Anti Chemical Splash
4. Anti Dust

Product Recommendation

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