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    1. Polyurethane Earplugs

      Made of PU material, these disposable earplugs are soft, slow-rebounding, and can be kneaded into various shapes.

    1. Silicone Earplugs

      Silicone earplug is to reduce noise impact on hearing and body, improve studying efficiency and sleeping quality.

Choosing the Right Hearing Protection Gadget
All of our earplugs have a Standard Noise Reduction (SNR) rating to help you choose the right hearing protection. First of all, the working environment noise level must be acquired for you to calculate which SNR rating you require.

Working in an environment with a 100dB noise level requires hearing protection of 20dB-25dB from the earplug to bring the noise level down into the safe zone of below 80dB.

Harmful Range 140 Jet Engine
130 Riveting Hammer
120 Propeller Aircraft
110 Rock Drill
100 Plate Fabrication shop
90 Heavy Vehicle
Upper Action Level 85 Busy Traffic
Lower Action Level 80
70 Private Car
60 Conversation

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